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Designing a Learner-Centered Digital Reading Platform



C\R worked with BBF to bring their Book Explorers program to life with a customized platform for schools and programs to improve literacy in elementary aged students.

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“C\R really dug in and helped us get a better sense of what we were trying to do, even before we were really sure what we were doing.” .

- Andrew Roberts, COO, The Barbara Bush Foundation
Identifying unmet needs

Through extensive discovery, user journey development, and testing, we created a workflow for teacher and student users that prioritized customer needs and learning outcomes.

Creating an exceptional experience

Designing an engaging user experience for 6-8 year old students in the digital learning platform was crucial; and allowed us to track the product’s efficacy, collect data on engagement, learning and product outcomes.

Building for impact

We managed and oversaw the development of the Digital Learning Platform ensuring both developers and stakeholders shared goal of producing a platform to inspire learners to improve reading levels was met.

Piloting for scale

The Platform enhanced accessibility to quality literacy education in the Book Explorers Program’s geographic reach. BBF piloted 5 test programs and quickly expanded to 22 programs with a goal of engaging over 1,300 students.

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