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Aligned Innovation framework


a customer-centered growth engine.

We successfully manage innovation risk by prioritizing customer needs as the guiding principle of our innovation practice.

Our framework centers on leveraging four key growth levers that are essential to driving customer adoption. By continuously aligning these levers, our partner companies experience exponential growth through the Aligned Innovation Wheel.

Identify needs to be met

We look at innovation through your customers’ eyes so you can better meet their needs and keep them longer. We uncover and identify your customers' top needs and quantify engagement and purchase triggers from the outset in order to maximize adoption.

Create an exceptional experience

Our design practice brings together creativity and rigorous analysis to deliver delightful and enriching solutions. We weave these core principles into each step of the design process, from insights and ideation, to proof-of-concepts and full design.

Build for impact

Every build process starts with a data-driven blueprint of product outcomes to ensure that impact is delivered to your customers so you can deliver on your purpose and strategy.

Pilot for scale

We help you navigate the challenge of launching a product by mapping your product strategy to your vision for growth. This holistic process looks at your sales and marketing capabilities, market dynamics and partner ecosystem to help you generate maximum traction from the outset.


Our Aligned Innovation experts provide tailored, result-driven strategies for every stage of your

business growth.

Collaborate with us as your strategic and operational partner to seamlessly transform customer needs into mature products. Utilize our fractional leaders efficiently and cost-effectively, achieving up-front validation and market fit that scales.
  • Understand and define customer needs

  • Design and develop products for adoption

  • Achieve product-market-fit

  • Craft customer-focused roadmaps

  • Unite teams around vision and strategy

  • Communicate compelling brand narratives

  • Launch products seamlessly

  • Drive product adoption and sales

  • Foster strategic pilot partnerships

  • Scale and expand for continued success

  • Refine and optimize existing products

  • Strengthen customer relationships and loyalty

  • Enhance internal processes for efficiency

  • Innovate and stay competitive in the market

  • Implement change management effectively

  • Streamline complex operations and systems

  • Identify and seize new market opportunities

  • Optimize resource allocation and cost management

  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement


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