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Branding & Customer Acquisition 



Charger Help provides electric vehicle (EV) charging station services in several cities across the United States. They have emerged as a leader in operations, maintenance, and workforce development for the EV industry and have experienced steady growth in their customer base. As ChargerHelp built out its EMPWR reliability software platform, expanded its Reliability as a Service (RaaS) offering, and grew its workforce development programs, they needed to refresh the company's brand, positioning, growth strategy, and design a new website that would better communicate their mission and services.

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"Creating stronger commitments to EV charging station reliability & uptime is crucial to mass
EV adoption"

Kameale C. Terry, CEO ChargerHelp!
Identifying unmet needs

To begin the project, we worked alongside the ChargerHelp! Team to conduct extensive research on the changing EV market, competitors, and their existing branding and website. We generated surveys and focus groups with current and potential customers to better understand their unmet needs and perceptions of the client's services.

Creating an exceptional experience

We developed a new brand and market strategy focused on the client's unique selling proposition - personalized customer experiences and a commitment to technology-based solutions to help customers maintain uptime. CH! launched its Reliability as a Service (RaaS) to provide peace of mind to charging station owners and operators. They are the only national EVSE-dedicated operations and maintenance service provider who takes a technology-first approach.

Building for impact

Beginning with refreshing the brand's visual identity, we then designed and built a new website that aligned with the refreshed brand and growth strategy. The new website featured an up-to-date modern and mobile-responsive design, easy navigation, and clear messaging about the client's services and unique positioning in the market. We also incorporated personalized elements, such as a section featuring customer stories and testimonials, to showcase the client's personalized approach to customer service and workforce development.

Piloting for scale

ChargerHelp! was thrilled with the new strategy and website design and saw immediate results. With a new go-to-market and growth strategy, they are better equipped to successfully communicate their unique selling proposition. Their app-based dispatch and deployment system solves the industry-wide problem of downed electric vehicle charging stations by providing on-demand repairs and maintenance support from trained local workforces. This positioned them to raise a Series A funding round and they have experienced month-over-month revenue growth and increased customer traction.

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