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Chegg Money, Financial Literacy for College Students


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C\R Partnered with Dan Rosenzweig, the CEO of Chegg, to create Chegg Money to empower college students to make informed decisions about their financial future. The project leveraged C\R’s Aligned innovation process to effectively research, design, build, and integrate an expert financial literacy question-and-answer application into the Chegg platform.

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"Today’s students just don’t understand the way money works. No one taught it to them in high school. No one taught it to them in college, and that is a big mistake for this country. We’re going to help them."

- Dan Rosenzweig, Chegg CEO
Identifying unmet needs

Research was conducted to identify student point of need behaviors. A series of prototypes were tested to determine an engagement funnel students would utilize. The study revealed that students preferred quick and effective answers from experts they could trust. 

Creating an exceptional experience

Chegg Money was designed to meet students’ needs. Expert advice for life’s money moments. Answers to over 1,000 commonly asked questions that students need to be answered as they travel the road to financial literacy.

Building for impact

We managed and oversaw the platform's development to ensure we created an experience students would love and data to show they were learning.

Piloting for scale

Chegg Money was launched inside the Chegg platform, which receives over 50 million student visits monthly. Chegg has continued to support student financial literacy with Chegg Life, a guide for the real world to ease students through life’s many transitions

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