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Chet, Meeting the Needs of Caregivers in Post-Acute Care Settings



Select Medical is the leading post-acute care provider in the US, with 140 hospitals and 1400 outpatient clinics across the US. Select Medical recognizes the importance of the role of the caregiver in improving patient outcomes. As a result, they sought to create a new product that would educate, empower and support caregivers in the healing process


“Frances’ ability to listen, synthesize, and create a strategic digital innovation roadmap is unmatched.  Her blend of high-level problem-solving skills, keen intuition and creativity has been an invaluable asset to my company and team.  She is a consummate collaborator who is always ‘on’.”

Shelly Eckenroth, SVP Communications,
Branding and Experience, Select Medical
Identifying unmet needs

We engaged the executive leadership team at Select Medical in a touch points workshop to identify what an exceptional caregiver experience would be across their 140 hospitals. Based on the needs identified in the workshop, product concepts were created and validated with target customers.  

Creating an exceptional experience

Chet is an exclusive online community used to keep close family and friends updated about the progress of their loved ones. Chet provides community, recovery guides, home help support, caregiver resources, and patient success stories. 

Building for impact

We managed and oversaw the platform's development in a hybrid team structure to ensure the product team had the right expertise to launch the product successfully.

Piloting for scale

The pilot has successfully onboarded multiple hospitals and is working toward national adoption across 140 hospitals.

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