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Ready-to-Hire, Healthcare Work Force Readiness



C\R partnered with the Cengage Group to research, conceptualize, design, and build specifications for their Ready to Hire workforce product. Ready to Hire partners with employers to recruit, train, and onboard new employees to meet job requirements from day one.


Frances and her team were excellent stewards of our vision for Ready to Hire. They helped to define the business ROI, user personas, and the value proposition with expert research that really captured the unique value we could bring. Their expertise in design and technology build ensured we invested in the right thing, at the right size that made sense to our ambitions. I would highly recommend any innovation team trying to build something new consider working with this team.

- Rya Conrad-Bradshaw

VP Corporate Markets, Workforce Skills at Cengage Group

Identifying unmet needs

C\R partnered with the EVP of Workforce Skills to research the needs of students and employers to identify the unmet needs of gateway students and others seeking employment in the healthcare and skill-based workforce.

Creating an exceptional experience

C\R leveraged the Aligned Innovation process to identify the top 3 to 5 student needs to be met and align them with employers' purchasing triggers to develop 3 to 5 product concepts. The Ready to Hire concept was chosen to create a proof of concept and test its validity.

Building for impact

C\R developed a series of workshops with pilot partners to create an analog to digital workflow analysis. Based on the analysis, the product was designed to meet the needs of on the job training in real-time coupled with online learning and supervisory feedback loops.

Piloting for scale

Cengage successfully partnered and piloted the new product with Northwell Health to bring the product to market. They are now ramping up the implementation of the product across several new partners.

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